Far From Home
Mary Chung Hayashi
The founder of the National Asian Women's Health Organization shares her compelling, and enlightening story about her personal journey of migration and assimilation to becoming a tireless advocate for Asian American women and the impact that cultural differences can have on both mental and physical health. This book can save lives.

Quality Paperback $16.95
ISBN 1930819-32-3

Tammy Garcia
Form Without Boundaries

Bruce Bernstein, PhD
John Grimes
The most dramatic and unique coffeetable book of 2003. It portrays the pottery, sculpture and artwork of Tammy Garcia, a Santa Clara Pueblo potter in an inspiring manner that links the culture of the Native American to contemporary art. and moves Native American art into the realm of fine arts. Tammy Garcia's sculpture and pottery can be seen in the finest museums in the world and is coveted by the most esteemed collector's in the market.

Hardbound with Dustjacket $60.00
ISBN 1930819-30-7
Specially Priced at $40.00!!!

A Dog In Hand
George Gates, D.V.M.
Temple Grandin, PhD., and renowned animal behaviorist says, "This insightful book contains an abundance of practical information on puppy behavior. The use of these methods will help prevent future behavior problems in adult dogs."

Hardbound with Dustjacket $19.95
ISBN 1930819-28-5

Seven Levels of Change
Rolf Smith
Learn how to manage change using the same strategies that author Rolf Smith has taught to the world's major corporations such as IBM, Honeywell and Exxon.

Quality Paperback $17.95
ISBN 1930819-11-0

1000 Questions About Your Pregnancy
Jeffrey Thurston, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
In this comprehensive, yet easy to use reference guide, Dr. Jeffrey Thurston answers the 1,000 most common questions facing parents-to-be.

Quality Paperback $18.95
ISBN 1930819-15-3

Healthy Cooking for Two
Brenda Shriver, R.D.
Angela Shriver
Ideal cookbook for health conscious singles and couples. More than 300 heart-health recipes in small size, low fat portions.

Quality Paperback $15.95
ISBN 1930819-09-9

Cooking with Grandma & the Girls
Brenda Shriver
Yesterday's Recipes for today's life styles. 'Make those delicious meals Grrandma used to make with today's low-fat ingredients and preparation.

Quality Paperback $16.95
ISBN 1930819-06-4

Secret Recipe Why KFC is Still Cooking After 50 Years
Robert Darden
Pete Harmon was Colonel Sanders first franchisee. He played a unique leadership role in bringing the Colonel's "Secret Recipe" to dinner tables around America and then the world.

Quality Hardbound $24.95
ISBN 1930819-12-9

Your Anxious Child
Dr. Mary Ann Shaw, Ed.D
Parents get advice, answers and common sense instructions to recognize and ease the anxieties of their children. Dr. Shaw writes about common and unusual anxieties in an easy-to-read and easy-to-treat manner.

Quality Paperback $19.95
ISBN 1930819-17-X

Keeping Christmas; Stories to Warm Your Heart Throughout the Year
Barbara R Chesser
A Holiday Best Seller, The Best Gift Book of the Season. A complelling collection of short yuletide stories by a host of outstanding and well-known writers such as Louis Grizzard, Louis Buscaglia, Victor Parachin and Barbara Johnson.

Hardbound $15.95
ISBN 1930819-18-8

Unto Us A Child; Abuse and Deception in the Catholic Church
Donald Phillips
Hard times force the children to become wards of the state and then the Catholic church. Forty years later, the effects of systematic abuse and illegitamacy changed the lives of those seven children forever. Their story is finally told.

Hardbound $24.95
ISBN 1930819-22-6

On the Brink
Norman Brinker
Donald T. Phillips
This inspirational story of Norman Brinker's success with establishments such as Steak and Ale, Bennigan's and Burger King, his current leadership of Brinker International and his recovery from tragedy.

Quality Paperback $14.99
ISBN 1930819-20-X

Little Mo's Legacy; A Mother's Story, A Daughter's Lessons
Cindy Brinker Simmons
The story about the legacy left to Cindy Brinker by her mother, Maureen Connolly, one of the greatest women's tennis players ever.

Hardbound $19.95
ISBN 1930819-01-3

Winning the Race; Taking Charge of Breast Cancer
Nancy Brinker
Susan G. Koman Foundation
The moving story of Nancy Brinker and her journey to create a world without breast cancer and the evolution of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Quality Paperback $15.95
ISBN 1930819-05-6

Organic Manual
J. Howard Garrett
One of the nation's foremost authorities on natural gardening shows how to get started, how to feed the soil and how to compost. A common sense primer that includes sources for plants, organic products and beneficial insects.

Quality Paperback $18.95
ISBN 1930819-16-1

CEO of Self; You are in Charge
Herman Cain
Learn how to be in charge and fully empowered to be the best leader you can be, where ever your rung on the ladder of success happens to be. Help your business or organization succeed.

Hardbound $24.95
ISBN 1930819-04-8

Leadership is Common Sense
Herman Cain
Outlines three critical qualities a leader must possess and three critical things a leader must do.

Hardbound $24.95
ISBN 1930819-02-1

The Ultimate Lean Routine
Greg Isaacs
The author maintains close contact with the medical and scientific communities and together with his experience as a professional triathlete, has worked to develop his own principles of training and self-motivation.

Quality Paperback $18.95
ISBN 1930819-08-0

Bewitched Forever
Herbie J Pilato
The complete guide to the magical TV series. The book includes everything you wanted to know about the writers, actors and episodes.

Quality Paperback $18.95
ISBN 1-93081940-4

David J. Sams
A photographic celebration of people, places and fish around the gulf coast. See the awe-inspiring beauty of the Gulf Coast through the eyes of fishermen.

Hardbound $39.95
ISBN 1930819-00-5

365 Ways to Date Your Love
Tomima Edmark
A wealth of ideas on getting started on the right foot in a new romance or bringing romance back into an existing relationship.

Hardbound $9.95
ISBN 1930819-24-2

365 Romantic Gifts for Your Love
Tomima Edmark
Readers will find unique and economical ways to put some zest back into their love lives with these great gifts that fit every budget.

Hardbound $9.95
ISBN 1930819-23-4

365 Ways to Kiss Your Love
Tomima Edmark
Put fire back into romance with a different kind of kiss for every day of the year.

Hardbound $9.95
ISBN 1930819-25-0

The Kissing Book
Tomima Edmark
A kiss is still the most sought after act of romance and affection. Learn the difference between a so-so kiss and a knock-your-socks-off kiss, new techniques and kissing etiquette.

Hardbound $9.95
ISBN 1930819-26-9

The Oregon Project
Natasha Roit
In real courtrooms around the country, Natasha Roit brought a sense of justice and record verdicts to her clients against big corporations, seemingly omnipotent defendants, and , most notably, O.J. Simpson, against whom she successfully battled in civil court and for custody of Nicole Brown's children. In her debut, fast-paced novel, The Oregon Project, Roit pits the forces of good struggling to stay in power without succumbing to the very evil they are fighting against, reminding us just how easily the lines may be crossed when the ends of justice or the smell of victory are used to justify the means of corruption. There are murderers who trade for their lives, corrupt public servants, likeable rogues, all intertwined in a whirlwind of events and, at the center of it all, Tess Lowe, a beautiful art dealer who refused to be a victim.

Quality Paperback $14.95
ISBN 1-93081948-X

Competitive Advantage
Michael E. Echols
Competitive Advantage extends the conversation regarding human capital beyond a general observation. It makes the subject actionable by providing executives with the measurements and models needed to define policies, practices and procedures that result in measurable competitive advantage and doing it before competitors figure them out. It provides tools for managers to measure training and development. It provides invaluable tips to manage time, motivation and personal energy as the critical scarce resources that are at least as important if not more so than cash. And it instills a sense of urgency that is so necessary in today's business climate. It recognizes a flat world and the different kind of competition American business is facing today.

Michael E. Echols holds a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley and is an educator and vice president of strategic initiatives at Bellevue University in Nebraska. He is recognized as a leader in the field of maximizing an organizationís competitive advantage by development and investing its human capital. He has a mission. It is to recognize the value of human capital and to encourage business leaders to invest in it.

Quality Paperback: $14.95
ISBN: 1-930819-49-8


Taco Titan: The Glen Bell Story
Debra Lee Baldwin
The only authorized biography on Glen Bell, founder of Taco Bell. From an investment of $4,000 to a multi-billion dollar chain.

Hardbound $24.95
ISBN 1-56530-299-0

Unguarded Moments
Pete Souze - Author
Howard Baker Jr. - Foreword
Behind-the-scenes photographs of Ronald Regan depicting not only history in the making, but also the personal side of Regan.

Hardbound $39.95
ISBN 1-56530-023-8

America's Toughest Sheriff
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Len Sherman
An unfiltered account of Sheriff Joe's no-nonsense "get smart and get tough" approach to jail. Joe Arpaio was a federal drug enforcement agent for almost 30 years, rising to the top ranks of U.S. law enforcement.

Hardbound $22.95
ISBN 1-56530-202-8

Come Fly With Me
Guy Gervais
A chronicle of the "pilot-man of the jungle" and his adventures while bringing humanitarian aid to third world countries. Foreword by Jacques-Yves Consteau.

Quality Paperback $14.95
ISBN 1-56530-304-0

Lincoln Stories for Leaders
Donald T. Phillips
Author of the bestseller, Lincoln on Leadership, tells how to Influence others through storytelling.

Quality Paperback $12.99
ISBN 1-56530-242-7

I, Jesus
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Robert Darden
Stories from the Savior.

Hardbound $17.95
ISBN 1-56530-185-4

Joseph Remembered
Fr. Gerald Kleba
Father Kleba's account of Joseph, the parent of Jesus, provides a sensitive, moral, spiritual model for contemporary fathers.

Quality Paperback $14.95
ISBN 1-56530-307-5

Healing Arthritis the Natural Way
Luke Bucci, PH.D.
His newest book demonstrates how joint disorders can be healed with nutrition and selected supplements.

Quality Paperback $14.99
ISBN 1-56530-277-X

Putting Impotence to Bed
Joseph L. Godat, MD
New and frank information regarding sexuality and treatment options for both men and women of all ages who live with this condition. Dr. Godat has had one of largest Ob/Gyn practices in north Texas for over 30 years.

Hardbound $22.95
ISBN 1-56530-302-4

Canada Dry Alcohol-Free Party Drinks
Compiled by Shelley Kilander Logan
Recipes and serving ideas for more than 300 delicious alcohol-free beverages.

Quality Paperback $12.99
ISBN 1-56530-272-9

2 Regular Guys Cookbook
Ed Bartko
Stephen Long
Menus and other tidbits for football season. This is the perfect gift for football fans and budding gastronomes everywhere! The authors are two regular guys from Ohio who are avid football fans.

Hardbound $9.95
ISBN 1-56530-308-3

The Envelope Mill
Haila Harvey
Recycle magazines and other paper products into beautifully crafted envelopes. Durable templates for three-different sizes of envelopes included and two pockets for convenient storing of templates and paper samples.

Spiralbound $19.95
ISBN 1-56530-149-8

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