The Oregon Project
By Natasha Roit
In real courtrooms around the country, Natasha Roit brought a sense of justice and record verdicts to her clients against big corporations, seemingly omnipotent defendants, and , most notably, O.J. Simpson, against whom she successfully battled in civil court and for custody of Nicole Brown's children. In her debut, fast-paced novel, The Oregon Project, Roit pits the forces of good struggling to stay in power without succumbing to the very evil they are fighting against, reminding us just how easily the lines may be crossed when the ends of justice or the smell of victory are used to justify the means of corruption. There are murderers who trade for their lives, corrupt public servants, likeable rogues, all intertwined in a whirlwind of events and, at the center of it all, Tess Lowe, a beautiful art dealer who refused to be a victim.
Competitive Advantage
by Michael E. Echols
Competitive Advantage extends the conversation regarding human capital beyond a general observation. It makes the subject actionable by providing executives with the measurements and models needed to define policies, practices and procedures that result in measurable competitive advantage and doing it before competitors figure them out. It provides tools for managers to measure training and development. It provides invaluable tips to manage time, motivation and personal energy as the critical scarce resources that are at least as important if not more so than cash. And it instills a sense of urgency that is so necessary in today's business climate. It recognizes a flat world and the different kind of competition American business is facing today.
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