Tapestry Press provides services that fit its client's needs. Some clients engage Tapestry for a turnkey project, and we do everything-procure an author, write the manuscript, arrange for the printing and binding and simply deliver books. If a client wishes, we can also warehouse books for our customers. Others choose discreet services from our menu of offerings. Either way, we become your personal publishing consultants, advising you at each stage of the publishing process. You benefit from our years of experience and expertise, yet you maintain decision-making control over your project. Our services are personalized, impeccable, and very high quality.
Our services include:
  • Project Management
  • Pre-publishing consultation
  • Developing a concept
  • Suggesting/selecting authors; manuscript writing; ghost writing
  • Editorial services as required for each manuscript
  • Manuscript proofreading; page proofing
  • Standard and custom page designs and text layout
  • Customized book cover concepts; finished designs and layouts
  • Recommending photographs and/or images; Coordinating/directing photography
  • Sourcing illustrations in full color or black and white
  • Printing and binding; standard or custom
  • Delivery to specified locations
  • Warehousing; order fulfillment and distribution
  • Marketing, publicity and promotional services
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Client agreements with Tapestry Press generally fall into one of three different publishing arrangements. They are:
Traditional Publishing Agreement:
The publisher acquires the exclusive right to publish a title and sell books in the trade market. In return, the author receives royalties on each sale that is made. Usually an advance on royalties is paid to the author. Highlights of this agreement include that the publisher owns the copyright and controls all production and marketing decisions as the publisher bears the financial risk for the project. Nevertheless, every project is collaborative in nature, and the final product is one that both parties are proud to present.
Commissioned Book Arrangement:
In this scenario, the author exercises 100% control of the content and timelines of the project. The books are customized and used for a specific purpose such as a commemorative piece or a gift. This may be appropriate if the author has an established market or plans to use the book as a tool to enhance an existing program. Under this contractual agreement, the author retains the copyright, all trade rights, as well as responsibility for the publicity and marketing of the book. Tapestry Press is a contractor in this arrangement and can perform any task that is listed under Menu of Services. Normally, a simple letter of agreement suffices versus an in-depth publishing contract. Often this arrangement is referred to as self publishing.
Hybrid Publishing Agreement:
This is a blend of the above two agreements and occurs when the author and Tapestry Press concur that the book merits marketing and distribution to the trade market place.
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We have customized packages to fit any need. You may take advantage of all of the services here or just one.
Our services include:
  • Order processing: taking orders, packing, invoicing, billing, collection and processing payments
  • Inventory management and monthly accounting
  • Pallet storage
  • Representation on Tapestry Press web site
  • Access to Tapestry Press toll-free long distance number
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Let our archivist historian process your records and papers and convert them into the assets that they have the potential of becoming.
Our services include:
  • We will develop your family's story into a beautiful keepsake for everyone to treasure.
  • Customized printing and binding available for as little as one copy
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